110 Expository Essay Topics

110 Expository Essay Topics

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Just been asked to write an expository essay but have no idea how you would ever choose a topic? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Choosing expository essay topics is, without a doubt, the hardest part for beginners. That’s why we put here a list of topics that might help you in your search. These are just examples, and your final subject might differ from any of these. Take your time, think about it, and come up with a topic that is truly original and yours.

What you need to know before choosing expository essay topics

Standard essays consist of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction contains your thesis. A thesis is a single sentence that contains the main idea of your paper. It usually takes time to get a working thesis so don’t get discouraged if yours doesn’t work from the beginning. Most times as you are doing research, your understanding of the topic will change, meaning the thesis will change as well. That is ok. As long as your paper is work in progress, you can change it without worrying. The introduction itself is no longer than one page, often even shorter than that,  it serves to introduce your reader to the topic and set the mood. You wouldn’t want to put too much detail into the introduction, so you don’t scare your reader.

Essay body is where your facts and arguments go. At this point, you should have a sizeable arsenal of research papers that you can draw arguments from. Include good transitions between paragraphs, so your readers become confused. It is a common mistake to jump from topic to topic and argument to arguments without having proper transitions. This results in a mish-mash of text that doesn’t serve any particular purpose.

A conclusion should summarise the main topic of your essay. This paragraph isn’t a place to introduce new information. Try to end on a positive note.

College expository essay topics to consider

Here are some good expository essay topics for college and high school level to get you started.

  1. Can video games be used to treat depression?
  2. Can we truly simulate happiness?
  3. Can you inherit alcoholism and depression?
  4. Is casual drug use acceptable as long as it doesn’t harm anyone?
  5. Should edible weed be sold?
  6. What’s the part of the genius that develops first?
  7. How sleep affects our body?
  8. Can you survive without sleep for one week?
  9. What happens if you don’t sleep for one week?
  10. Does reading increase IQ?
  11. Can anybody be a novelist?
  12. Does the tobacco industry dry the tobacco?
  13. Was Hitler mentally ill or was he a hidden genius of his time?
  14. Do blind people see dreams?
  15. If you apply to university, how long does it take to get an answer?
  16. Is divination a solid science that has evolved into astrology overtime?
  17. How does milk improve your hair growth?
  18. How did Terry Pratchett revolutionize science fiction genre?
  19. What parts of the Bible are accurate?
  20. Does hops in beer stimulate impress breast growth in men?
  21. Is coughing a sign of cancer?
  22. Does the Chinese government keep records of their citizens?
  23. How did J. Rowling come up with Harry Potter’s characters and story?
  24. Did Shakespeare exist or was he a fabrication of several famous writers of his time?
  25. How did people in Ancient Greece handle diseases like the flu and chickenpox?
  26. Is capital punishment an acceptable way to deal with criminals?
  27. Is capital punishment humane?
  28. Should prisons become institutions of learning?
  29. How does geology study the Earth?
  30. Does global warming cause volcanic eruptions?
  31. How does pollen affect your nose?
  32. Can worms survive a fire?
  33. Can worms survive being cut in half?
  34. Is it possible to predict the weather?
  35. Should teenagers be having sex?
  36. Are mobile games developers taking advantage of young children?
  37. Have video games changed the way we perceive art?
  38. Do you consider The Matrix movie the beginning of a spiritual religion or is it just a blockbuster?
  39. Did the Japanese band the Gazette start a new religion or are they a satanic cult?
  40. Living in virtual reality: is it possible?
  41. How has air conditioning ruined our ability to absorb moisture?
  42. How did Schrodinger’s effect revolutionize the psychological profile?
  43. Was Michael Jackson murdered?
  44. Should cocaine be treated as a poisonous substance that can manipulating a person’s mind or is it just another drug?
  45. Why can’t dogs process chocolate?
  46. Why can’t cats process chocolate?
  47. Do horses get seasick?
  48. Is there a correlation between eating sweets, not brushing your teeth and tooth decay?
  49. Why do we need coffee in the morning?
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  1. Should we be alarmed if there is blood in our stool?
  2. Should elementary school children receive mandatory sexual education?
  3. Why is Korean pop popular in Europe but not in the United States?
  4. Why are Asian people considered the standard of beauty in central Europe?
  5. Why do Korean women subjugate themselves to plastic surgery to reach a beauty standard that is artificial and unnecessary?
  6. Can snake venom kill a hippopotamus?
  7. Is chemistry just a pretend potions class or is it a justified science?
  8. Should medical examinations be mandatory in high school?
  9. Should vaccines be mandatory?
  10. Why do some people believe that vaccines will hurt their children?
  11. Is government spying on citizens or is it just paranoia?
  12. How has the Chinese government revolutionized people's daily habits?
  13. Does listening to loud music damage your eardrums?
  14. How spiders make the perfect pets?
  15. Do snakes make better pets for children living in small apartments?
  16. What are the potions that used to be crafted from snakeskin?
  17. How does water change its molecular structure when exposed to music?
  18. Why some people still believe in vampires?
  19. What is the difference between myth and legend?
  20. Should college students be encouraged to pursue hobbies outside the University?
  21. Is Donald Trump a good president?
  22. Should a voting age be raised to 25 or even 30?
  23. Is mobile gaming addiction a thing?
  24. Should parents who hit children receive mandatory counseling?
  25. How using the Internet has affected our ability to communicate?
  26. Should there be a no phones policy at home?
  27. How have polar bears been affected by global warming and pollution?
  28. Are the Harry Potter books a metaphor for a coming out story and child neglect?
  29. Are the Lord of the Rings books a metaphor for Nazi Germany?
  30. Why does milk cause diarrhea in some adults but not in children?
  31. How RuPaul's drag race has inspired a generation of people to be themselves and not hide behind the mask?
  32. Are drag queens the new actors?
  33. Should Shakespeare be mandatory in any literature class around the world?
  34. Should we encourage children to pursue writing careers instead of more cliched ones?
  35. Why do medical practitioners get paid less than lawyers?
  36. In a certain light, could Civil War be a positive thing?
  37. If animals in zoos are interested in being released into the Wild, should they?
  38. Should everybody have a mandatory psychological check every year?
  39. Should prisoners work in the same place as people without a record?
  40. Should children under 15 be allowed to work if they are responsible and there is parents' supervision?
  41. How likely is that a plane is going to crash?

  42. Who are better drivers - men or women?
  43. Can honey treat cancer?
  44. Is John Green just writing the same book with different characters?
  45. Should we buy bottled water or is tap water safe?
  46. Why is higher education necessary?
  47. Is it necessary to study at college?
  48. Should military education be mandatory?
  49. Should women serve in the military?
  50. Should parents intervene when they see their child is being bullied?
  51. What should be the punishment for children who kill animals?
  52. Should parents be allowed to abandon their child if this child is diagnosed with Down syndrome?
  53. What is child paralysis and how do children manage to lead a normal lifestyle?
  54. Why are some people so agitated in the morning before they've had a coffee?
  55. Is caffeine addiction a real addiction?
  56. Should we allow immigrants to stay in a country if they can prove they don't intend to stay there forever?
  57. How has the national debt affected the choice not to go to college or university?
  58. Should we invest in a business rather than waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education that cannot secure our future?
  59. Should studying a language be mandatory for all five years of High School without exceptions?
  60. Is vaping really harmless for those around us or is it the same as regular smoking?
  61. Should smoking be allowed in public?

Now that you have a list of topics for expository essay, work alone or with a guidance counselor to craft the rest of your paper. Keep in mind that your essay is still a work in progress so don't discourage if it doesn't sound quite right. What's important is to keep trying and not give up on your dreams. As for college expository essay topics listed above, remember - those are just the examples. You can always choose a subject of your own - especially if you feel strongly about it and are ready to 'expose' it.

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