Informative Essay Examples

Informative Essay Examples

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Informative Essay

The fundamental part of academic informative essay writing is research. It refers to the systematic investigation of primary and secondary sources to present facts on a stated problem. Your work is to inform and not to persuade your targeted readers that your opinion is correct. You can use primary sources like:

  • Books
  • Official reports
  • Newspapers
  • Documentaries
  • Research papers

Tips for an Informative Essay

You need to stick to the basics when it comes to writing an informative essay:

Be Personal

Try writing as if you’re talking to a kid because an informative essay aims to provide information and educate.

Do Proper Research

There is no way you can teach anyone without the necessary details. Do thorough research on your topic so that you can have something to say. You can read an example of informative essay to get an idea of what to write.

Stick to Your Objective

Remember what your objective is, and it should be to educate. Keep that in mind as you write your example of an informative essay.

The Dos and Don’ts for Informative Essays


You need to let your thoughts flow. Write whatever comes in your head even if it’s off topic.

Try writing for at least five minutes. You can time yourself to keep track

Write the last sentence that brings your thoughts back to the subject

Read through some informative essay examples


Don’t try fixing grammar or spelling with every sentence

Don’t stop writing

Don’t judge your ideas

Don’t provide an opinion on the matter when writing an informative essay

Don’t copy-paste any informative essay sample you read

With that in mind, here are some informative essay examples to help you understand how to write one of your own. Keep in mind that these informative essay samples are just to guide you, don’t copy-paste!

Informative Essay Example on College Education

Generally speaking, education leads to a high quality of life. Every single person is entitled to education though not everyone feels that it’s worth having it in the first place. However, it is quite unfortunate that some people are ignorant of this fact. Some people, unfortunately, don’t know the advantages and benefits of having an education. Such people can’t get blamed since they are only a product of their environment. Any educated person who understands this should do all they can to help such people.

A college degree to be specific from a four year, accredited college or university is essential. It can set you up to a fulfilling, financially independent and prosperous life. With education, it is not just about money, but also having the freedom to choose the career that you want. A person gets job security with a college degree because you fall back on education to gain employment. Thus, having a college degree translates to better quality of life.

A report by 2016 Pew Research found that an estimated 77% of employees with a post-graduate degree believe their jobs give them a sense of identity as opposed to 38% of those with a high school diploma.

Graduating from college with a degree in a specialized field is an interpretation to the world one has now acquired skills and knowledge to help and grow that industry. With such experience and critical thinking skills at the tips of your fingertips, a person is eligible for jobs that pay well. With an education, a person gains more and more experience in the field.

You need a college degree to get into occupations that pay well. Let’s, face it everyone wants to earn more money. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a college graduate earns an average of $59,124 while a high school diploma is making $35,256 per year. You need a degree to be a lawyer, doctor, journalist to name a few examples. Occupations like a construction worker or a plumber don’t require a person to have a college degree. An entry level job with someone with a college degree might not make you much money as opposed to a blue collar worker who has worked for a while. However, with time the person gains more experience to match the education and thus more opportunities will present itself. With openings for mobility, chances are the salary will increase as compared to the person with no education.

A college degree makes one have job security. You are at a significant advantage with education because employers want to hold on to people with a good education. If a person has a robust set of skills in the field and is a quick learner, then the employer will hold on to the person as opposed to one without an education. In case of a dismissal or lay off, a person with a college degree has a higher chance of finding another job as compared to a person without an education. In an interview, an employer is likely to pick a person with a college degree compared to a person without an education. It is because they already assume that you’re intelligent, have the skills, capable, can communicate and able to follow directions effectively. All these means the employer sees a person who is suitably fit for the job.

Lastly, having a college degree makes a person marketable in the business world. A person doesn’t get confined to just one career in their lifetime. A person with an English degree is not only limited to becoming a teacher or a writer. They can become a poet, marketing representative, editor, etc. That is the beauty of having an education. A person has the freedom to experiment and choose a career that best suits them. This way there is the enjoyment of loving what you do, and it will feel like you never work a day in your life. Without an education, people fall back on their experience. If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, then they have a miserable life.

In conclusion, having an education has numerous benefits. When a person has a college degree and solid training, from a reputable institution, they are in a good position of tackling life. People end up having long term jobs, well-paying jobs to having job security. There is the freedom to choose what they most enjoy doing and thus have that fulfillment. There are no restrictions to what one can do with education as the advantages are many and worth it.

Example of Informative Essay on Facts vs. Fiction

In the current world, when a new idea arguably surfaces, then debate spreads fast across the globe like wildfire. The topics that the general public might never have become aware of becomes the news that gets discussed at the dinner table. There is one interest that has sparked the curiosity of many people and is the classification of literature as fiction or nonfiction.

So questions have arisen, why the interest? Is there a line that separates fiction and nonfiction and if so, how far can the line be extended until one becomes the other? The answers to these questions further lead to disputes and circulars. The line between the classification of literature in modern times as either fiction or nonfiction has become unclear. Outdated definitions have generated the development of new genres and defied the world’s idea on the variances between the two.

It is surprisingly hard to define fiction and nonfiction. What do the words mean in the past and what does it encompass today? So how has the past and present definitions been shaped by the literature of the time?

Fiction is ‘a tale derived from imagination’ whereas nonfiction is factual (statement of fact). However, the two are much more compound than that. To most people, the word ‘fiction’ is associated with the word ‘story’ – you might think that they are the same. What often contributes to this perception are the subgenres of fiction. Films, animation, novels, fairy tales, video games and comics help the mind categorize fiction as an element fabricated in mind.

Fiction is widely assumed to be a form of entertainment or art. In most cases this is true, look at how romance and science fiction novels entertain people. Stories usually are told to educate and raise awareness of a specific topic which the author is concerned about. Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” or Cormac Mcarthy’s “The Road” are examples of stories that warn us about terrible choices that may occur as a result of decisions of humanity. “Beasts of No Nation” by Uzodinma Iweala is a work of fiction based around facts. In the tale, a fictional African boy gets caught in a bloody civil uprising. His child soldier recruitment story is happening to thousands of similar boys to this day. Parables and Fables are examples of educational fiction.

There are also many presumptions when it comes to nonfiction. Most people assume a book that is nonfiction is true. If not, literature would appear as fiction. Nonfiction literature is actual literature. However, it is crucial to note nonfiction is literature that gets demonstrated as fact. It may be accurate or inaccurate in the presentation. It means the author is assumed to be writing what they believe is right or what they had been led to believe is the truth. Some nonfiction examples include documentaries, essays, journals, textbooks or scientific papers.

In the areas regarding how literature is perceived and used, nonfiction differs from fiction. The aim of nonfiction is clarity and directness. Nonfiction purpose is to give the reader straight and understandable information. When the writer can communicate well with the audience, then they can be called skilled writers of the field. It is often necessary for a writer to persuade the reader to agree with what they are presenting. It is therefore vital to give an informed argument and coherence.

In conclusion, fiction and nonfiction are like day and night on a scale where the present day offers no gradient. In the past years, fiction and nonfiction have managed to contain all types of written words. Now the times are changing for writers who have ideas and don’t know where to fit in. Today, authors are pushing boundaries to try and discover the furthest point literature can take them. There is that feeling that their writing can’t get classified as either fiction or nonfiction. It is for this reason therefore that authors are coming up with new genres where their books and novels can be suitably defined and sorted. Well, it has been long overdue for an updated classification of books.

Conclusion on Informative Essays

Students often panic at the thought of writing an informative essay. Looking at each informative essay example given here, it is evident that any student can write an informative essay. You need to do your research thoroughly, and you’ll be on your way to getting there. Remember to proofread your work when you complete it as mistakes can happen. Make sure to read through your work checking for grammar and spelling errors. You can try reading out aloud as sometimes the eyes tend to “fix” mistakes for us as we read.

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