Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative Essay Examples

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Narrative Essay

When hearing “narrative essay” in your task, you may get a tad confused as to what you are expected to write there. In reality, however, this must be the least complicated task you will ever get at school. Outside of school, you hear and even tell narrative essays. Every short story you read or YouTube video you watch, as well as every story you tell to back up a point,  is a narrative essay example. So, you are literally surrounded with examples of a narrative essay throughout your whole life, and this is an essay type that every student is most familiar with.

When writing a narrative essay for high school or college, all you need to do is adhere to general rules of story-writing. Most importantly, there is a structure you need to follow. A narrative essay will consist of an introduction (introducing your reader to the character(s) and setting), buildup, climax, and conclusion reiterating the main point you want to make. To immerse your reader, it is most recommended to implement detailed and colorful description of everything that your protagonist encounters. This way, it will be easiest for the reader to relive the experience and relate to it. For a clearer idea of what we are talking about, here is a couple of narrative essay examples for college:

Narrative Essay Example #1: My Little Helper

I believe that writing is a single most important invention in the history of humankind. Since the Stone Age, writing has been used to facilitate the learning process – the younger could just read about a process or skill instead of having to learn everything themselves. Writing down and preserving information on stone tablets was, of course, far less effective than consequent improvements. Today, nevertheless, we enjoy the benefits of utterly facilitated ways to store, access, and communicate information without giving it too much thought or credit it deserves. Personally, I can say that my little black Samsung has proved to be an irreplaceable helper on countless occasions.

Like I said, I think that people take modern technological advances that facilitate their lives for granted and don’t give it too much credit. So, I think that this issue deserves more exposure, and my essay gives me a perfect tool to do it.

My laptop has not only facilitated my communication and studies. More than that – it contributed largely to shaping my entire lifestyle. Back at high school, everyone told me that college years are a time for experimentation and exploration. It seems like I understood this slightly differently than most of my peers. I got convinced that I should try myself in as many fields and activities as possible so I can find my true calling. In other words, the quantity of activities to try out is more important than my immersion in any one of them. So, I set out to travel as much as I can and try as many new things before I can find out my true interests and “settle down” accordingly. I jumped at every chance of an internship in a different location and partook in several cooperative education programs and internship with geography spanning from Boston to Hong Kong. In all these places, my laptop was not only my primary (or even only) channel to connect with my fellows, friends, and family, but also the only familiar piece in itself. As I was trying out all those new things – new activities, meals, clothes, my little black Samsung remained the only piece of stability in my life. That is, of course, not to mention all its practical sense – connecting with my fellow students and colleagues, family and friends through programs like Mozilla Thunderbird and Skype. Not only did my laptop help me stay connected with familiar people and things, but this very fact gave me more confidence to go try out all those new things. People call me courageous, but I imagine that without the comfort and familiarity of my laptop, I wouldn’t have the courage and “guts” with which people compliment me.

Aside from this intimate meaning, all those evident and often overlooked benefits of having a laptop also deserve mentioning. Without one, it would be much harder for me to organize all the lectures and my homework comprehensively, have access to all the research materials, including the latest news, prepare presentations, etc. Not to mention all the things I do on my little black Samsung for fun.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much worse on all accounts my life without my laptop would be. I admit that I am dependent on it, but I am willing to accept this dependence. It facilitates all my aspects of my life – from job and education to staying in touch with close people and just pure fun – and never ever has it let me down so far. I have developed a habit of always carrying it around even when I don’t explicitly need it. I even imagined that if there were a fire in my house, my little black Samsung would be the first thing I would take. My laptop is an indelible part of my life.

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Narrative Essay Example #2: My Diamond-Shaped Fields of Interest

Have you ever left your dog for a few hours and seen how excited it is to see you again? That’s basically how I look at any new knowledge. I could never understand kids who are interested only in science or only in literature or only in sports. I guess the only reason why I didn’t become a straight-A student is because I was just too excited with anything and everything to get enough focus on something particular. Choosing a college and a major was a torture, too! I couldn’t bear the thought of sacrificing some of my interests in favor of others, even though I had been doing it all my life without noticing it. I try to focus on computer programming, math, and art. However, a single glimpse at a catchy headline about history, religion or politics is enough to capture the entirety of my attention for days. Internet domain registration and upkeep is equally interesting to me as early Christian heresies.

If I had to place my most significant interests in a particular order, it would go as follows: the Kabbalah (the biggest), flash animation, playing bass, creative writing, and hiking.

As one might think, with such a broad span of interests, I can hardly call myself a deeply spiritual person. Kabbalah, however, is much more to me than just a spiritual practice. It is a way of thinking and a specific attitude toward every decision I make in my life, down to the smallest. Kabbalah itself is not a purely religious practice – it combines knowledge from various spheres which is akin to how diverse my interests are. As such, it allows me to make much more sense of the world and everything that’s going on on all planes. It provides a technical approach to the whole bulk of possible knowledge, allowing one to organize it comprehensively. This is why Kabbalah is my greatest interest.

My second most practiced activity is flash animation – because it is my job. Art has always fascinated me, but I never mastered drawing or painting to any considerable extent. So, it warms me that I can still have a part in creating beautiful graphical objects through flash animation. Besides, it allows me to apply my knowledge of art and geometry in a creative combination. I am blessed with working at a company that’s friendly about extra hours, and tend to spend more time at the office than most of my colleagues.

However, if I were to make a non-preoccupied choice, I think I would rather play bass for a living. I suppose I just never had the guts to go with a musician’s lifestyle – too bohemian and uncertain for me. Still, I practice every day since I was 10. I tried joining bands and playing various styles, but it seems like nobody gets me. Bandmates often called me authoritarian when I play my own way because I am convinced that it’s better. I find it comforting and relaxing to play just for myself.

To match the eclecticity of my interests, I feel tempted to just sit down and write something quite often. I write whatever comes to mind, but I steer clear of mere freewriting exercises. I enjoy having my writing well-structured and thought-out – because literature theory has been among my many fascinations for years, too. I write during my short breaks, so my writing takes short forms – small essays or poems - most often. My topics, however, are just as diverse as my interests.

Every time I have a more considerable amount of time – like a couple of days – at hand and beautiful weather outside, I go hiking. I can boast knowing every trail and every tree in the vicinity of Snowmass quite intimately. Besides, long walks have me stay in this excellent shape now that I’m not an athlete anymore. I still go to gym, but hiking provides that extra edge – a little more intensity that’s always followed by the irreplaceable feeling of achievement and relaxation afterward. I always get back to work refreshed and extra motivated after a good hike.

What I never experienced is the feeling of desperation and futility about which I read so much. I see plenty of sense in everything that’s going on both around me and inside me. I realize that the only way to make such indisputable sense out of it all is to stop treating various activities and fields of knowledge as separate entities. They are all different sides and angles of the single diamond which is our life, each equally beautiful and fascinating. And just like any other diamond, it only gets more fascinating the more you rotate it in your hand and the more sides and angles you see.

Disclaimer against copying narrative essay examples

We realize that it may happen that you may like the narrative essay examples you find on the Internet a lot. You may even think that you could never come up with such good narrative essay examples yourself and that you should better just copy these essays and present them as your own. Be strongly recommended against such practice. Of course, we would be flattered if students always deemed our examples of a narrative essay so awesome they want to claim them. Your professor, however, will be anything but flattered. Professors use sophisticated plagiarism-checking software, and if you copy one of our essays, it will point directly to this page and be marked as plagiarism. The least unpleasant of possible consequences would be that your essay will not get accepted and you will have to submit it anew. We advise against even such minor risk. If you feel that you cannot come up with an excellent narrative essay example, consider applying for custom essay writing services. You will have to pay, but you can rest assured that a flawlessly-written essay will be ready for you right on time.

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