The Life and Career of American Dancer, Isadora Duncan

The Life and Career of American Dancer, Isadora Duncan

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Isadora DuncanIn this century not many people know who Isadora Duncan was. She was born in San Francisco 1877. Her real name was Angela Isadora Duncan, daughter of a banker who abandoned the family when she was very young. Later, he was accused of fraud and imprisoned. She only went to school until she was 10 years old, after that she started to work with her mother who gave piano lessons, after a while she and her sister gave dancing classes.Her biographists agree that she used to watch the sea and listen to the sea waves with passion. She was also an avid reader. She started a career as a dancer in Chicago, making contacts but earning a very small salary.In those times being a dancer meant to be a ballet dancer, something that Duncan rejected. Once she said It is false and absurd.

Under the maillots, there are deformed muscles and under the muscles, there are deformed bones. People were scandalized when they saw Isadora dancing with light and vaporous dresses that showed bare arms and legs. Being questioned makes her move to Europe in 1899 where she became a total success. Isadora Duncan was adored by her followers in London and Paris where she reached fame.She always taught dance but never followed the ballet standards. She did not believe in rigid postures. She used to say to her students to follow their feelings. Duncan dance steps were simple but she was able to reach such a big emotional tension that her audience cried frequently. She used to imitate the Greek classic art postures of sculptures. Isadora founded many dance schools, but the most famous was in Grunewald, Germany. It was for children from low-income families.

Her life was marked by tragedy, her two children died in a car accident, her husband committed suicide and she died in a very strange car accident. The wind blew a scarf she was wearing around her…

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